So, It’s Valentine’s Day… and??

The hype around Valentine’s Day starts around the middle of January.

Stores quickly fill up with candy, cards and gifts for that special someone way before all the Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper and dancing Santa’s are completely packed up or shipped away.

How did this day become such an international day of gift giving, love and romance?

The origin of Valentine’s Day dates back to the middle ages. Romans celebrated a Pagan ritual feast in February in which women were randomly gathered and then somehow, matched up with men, becoming a traditional “day of wild fertility and love.”

Sound like a modern-day speed dating experience gone wild.

But over time, Valentine’s Day became less barbaric and morphed into a day of romantic gestures and proclamations of love, heralding this day as the biggest day for lovers.

Hallmark cards made these expressions of love easier by providing couples with the right words to say for that special someone. Valentine’s Day cards became the biggest card sending holiday second to Christmas.

Lucrative big business.

Thinking of something original to write has become almost unnecessary.

And does underlining the words inside the store-bought card, somehow make it your words?

Confession.  I’ve done that. Haven’t you?

And while not all couples acknowledge this holiday with all the fanfare of gifts, cards and candy, it’s still more common to witness those who are coupled up, glazed over at their local card shop, trying to find that special card or gift that will prove to their partner how much they are loved.


But what if you’re single?

How do you walk past all those Valentine Day Cards, including the candy aisle and not think?

“Ugh…I’m single” …and it’s Valentine’s Day…where’s my gift? wahhh wahhh”.

Can you still be ok? Absolutely.

Maybe it’s about shifting the meaning and any exclusivity you assign to this day.

Celebrating love can happen on any day, it’s just that commercialism over the years has been focused on romantic relationships. It’s understandable that some singles might be emotionally triggered by all the hype of Valentine’s Day. I know in the past, this has been an issue for me as well. It’s clearer to me now, more than ever, that feeling grateful and acknowledging my support system (those around me who I love ~ family, friends, grandchildren) is what the meaning of this day is all about.

Valentine’s Day is more about the love you have than the love you think you’re missing out on.

And then there’s celebrating ourselves.  Let’s not forget self-love.

How can we treat ourselves on Valentine’s Day whether we’re single or not?

This can be as simple as scheduling a spa day, a weekend getaway, ordering out a favorite meal, buying ourselves some flowers, giving ourselves permission to engage in a little retail therapy or guilty pleasures.

For me, in addition to all those possibilities, it’s also about honoring one of my first loves.


I love chocolate as much as Oprah loves bread.

And while I do understand that chocolate is no substitute for human connection and can have a high caloric value, it’s still how I personally help out with the overstocked chocolate surplus that begins on February 15th.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers whether you’re single, coupled up or “it’s complicated.”


Chocolate Cake Love:

M.Ed, Mental Health Counselor, Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Author of eBook, Finding Happiness Even Without a Fairy tale Childhood

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6 thoughts on “So, It’s Valentine’s Day… and??”

  1. Brunnie, another little gem! Look forward to reading your blogs. Loving oneself is paramount to loving others. I say, celebrate self on Valentine’s Day. We spend much time loving, caring for and celebrating others—how about self?!

    Liked by 1 person

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