Aging Gracefully

What does that mean exactly?

And is there an ungraceful versus graceful way to notice the changes of our aging mind and bodies?

Let’s see…

Is it ungraceful to be surprised by the unruly random facial hair I sometime notice in the mirror now while waiting for the traffic light to change on a sunny day?

Is it ungraceful to cautiously, yet automatically, grab on tight to the railing when approaching a steep set of stairs to make sure I don’t slip and fall and maybe break a hip?  

Is it odd that I can sometimes go into a room and forget why I went in there? And even more odd that I then begin to get involved with something else that I’ve decided needs my attention?

What about mixing up the names of my children and grandchildren and yes, even their pets on occasion? Ok…well maybe more than just on occasion.

Is it ungraceful to have an ongoing emotional dilemma over whether to let go of my landline after all its years of service?  Waahhh…breaking up is hard to do.

And what about those moans and groans that seem to happen involuntarily when I stand up from a position I’ve been sitting in for a while? Yikes!  When did I turn into an old man?

So, as I look over this list that could definitely be longer, I wonder if I’m aging gracefully, ungracefully, or just simply aging?

Unless the fountain of youth has officially been located, we are all aging in every moment of every day.

While there are a gazillion anti-aging products, surgeries, tucks and lifts available to us that can help smooth out the noticeable changes of gravity and elasticity in our bodies, in the end, you can run but you can’t hide.  Death shows up for all of us regardless of how much work or money we’ve put forth into masking our aging appearance. Some of us may just look firmer and more supple in our caskets than others.

“She’s 90 years old but she looks great!

She looks at least 10 yrs. younger due to that excellent face lift she had a few years back!  What’s the name of that cosmetic surgeon???”

I saw an add recently that I thought was hilarious. It’s about knowing what your Age Give-Away Zones are. Seriously?  Do we really need to be educated about this?

Nora Ephron wrote a book entitled, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”, in which she states that if you want to know how old someone really is, you just have to look at their necks regardless of any surgeries and attempts made to hide their chronological age. Too funny ~ yet so true.

So, what is the message in today’s blog?

Just be who you are.

Maybe aging gracefully is about how we choose to experience and live our lives as we turn the pages in the calendar.

While each birthday brings its own set of changes and adjustments to gray hair and wrinkles, it is still a privilege to grow older. Not all of us have this gift.

I can live as if I’m waiting for my last breath or I can live my life as fully and as happily as possible with wrinkles and all.

For me, maintaining healthy habits, staying active and connected to a strong support system while savoring and enjoying the  moments of every day that I’m alive is how I choose to grow older and not just get old.   I’m keeping it simple with lots of laughter and gratitude along the way:

I have adopted the following mantra:

Is this graceful or ungraceful?


Thanks for reading,

Brunnie Getchell

M.Ed., Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Author of eBook, Finding Happiness Even Without a Fairy Tale Childhood

15 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully

  1. Brunnie, you are an example of someone who has truly aged gracefully—living your best life to the fullest. I laughed over the facial hair reference, for alas I have had that exact experience. I’ve lost my leg hair and gained tweezable facial hair. Oh well.
    I feel blessed to have reached 70–many don’t. But there are those days when I feel anything but graceful. I guess it’s about perspective and remembering to laugh. A sense of humor makes aging so much more bearable. In fact, it makes life worthwhile.
    Marilyn Levine


    1. Love your comment Marilyn. I totally agree with you : ” a sense of humor makes aging so much more bearable “. And yes, it makes life worthwhile.

      Thank You for being you 🙂


      1. Dear Brunnie, I am experiencing ALL of these behaviors. Glad to know I am hanging with a “hip” crowd. Oops, hopefully not a hip replacement…yet! Thanks for the validation , inspiration, and a realistic look at life. Luv ya!


  2. What a great post!! Life truly is about perspective isn’t it? There are a thousand ways to look at something yet all we need is the one way that allows us to breath and expand.


    1. I totally agree with you Damia. It’s about whatever makes us feel comfortable in our own skin and “allows us to breathe and expand”.



    1. Yes I remember the saying, ” Youth is wasted on the young”. Who knew how much it would mean at this age??? Lol


  3. Brunnie – Another great blog – thank you. Couldn’t agree more that that simplicity, laughter and most especially gratitude are keys to living with grace…at any age.

    Liked by 1 person

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