Unexpected Kindness from Strangers

Over the span of our lives, we have all borne witness to the devastation that natural disasters and other mass related deaths can leave behind. Due to the availability of today’s social media, we’ve been able to watch many of these tragedies unfold from the comforts of our living room. We’re able to listen toContinue reading “Unexpected Kindness from Strangers”

Too Good To Be True

OR…     waiting for the other shoe to drop.   Heard this before? How often do so many of us hold our breath, cross our fingers and reach for our lucky rabbit’s foot (never understood why a dismembered part of an animal can bring luck) when we think something is too good to beContinue reading “Too Good To Be True”

Embarrass Easily?

Fear of Judgement *Theorists have studied the link between shame and embarrassment to the Fear of Judgement extensively over the years. This is a multifaceted and complex subject. Today’s blog simply illustrates how easily we can experience this Fear of Judgement in our everyday lives in the form of an innocent misstep in public. CanContinue reading “Embarrass Easily?”

Aging Gracefully

What does that mean exactly? And is there an ungraceful versus graceful way to notice the changes of our aging mind and bodies? Let’s see… Is it ungraceful to be surprised by the unruly random facial hair I sometime notice in the mirror now while waiting for the traffic light to change on a sunnyContinue reading “Aging Gracefully”

60’s, Single and Dating?

So, “you’re out there”.  Welcome to the dating scene. You’re either on a dating site searching for “the one” or you’re frequenting clubs and meet up single events hoping the “wrong one” doesn’t approach you or ask you to dance. You might also be the brave warrior willing to accept the occasional blind date thatContinue reading “60’s, Single and Dating?”