Coping with Our Inner Critic

Are You Your Own Bully? When most of us think of the word “bully”, we can easily conjure up memories of that rough obnoxious kid at our school who terrorized the playgrounds, cafeteria, hallways and even lurked around in the bathrooms. I bet you remember his/her name. That mean kid who did mean things. And whileContinue reading “Coping with Our Inner Critic”

Aging Gracefully: Part II

The Cane Chronicles Hilda   Last year I wrote a blog about aging gracefully. I emphasized the need to accept our natural bodily changes with dignity, push our egos aside and celebrate the privilege of growing older. And then it happened. One morning about a month ago I could hardly get out of bed. IContinue reading “Aging Gracefully: Part II”

Biological Clock

As we turn the pages of our calendar with each birthday, we’re reminded that another year has passed, we’re another year older and our bodies innately continue the rhythm of natural aging with or without our approval. For most of us, each new year brings with it a list of goals we’d like to crossContinue reading “Biological Clock”

Unexpected Kindness from Strangers

Over the span of our lives, we have all borne witness to the devastation that natural disasters and other mass related deaths can leave behind. Due to the availability of today’s social media, we’ve been able to watch many of these tragedies unfold from the comforts of our living room. We’re able to listen toContinue reading “Unexpected Kindness from Strangers”

Too Good To Be True

OR…     waiting for the other shoe to drop.   Heard this before? How often do so many of us hold our breath, cross our fingers and reach for our lucky rabbit’s foot (never understood why a dismembered part of an animal can bring luck) when we think something is too good to beContinue reading “Too Good To Be True”